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Jump Event

23.05.2016 event is over , unfortunately we had no winners today .

We will continue the jump event again. The playes have got the hang of it and hopefully next time we will have some winners.


[Update] We will make a checkpoint system for the jump event. 

[Update] Another Jump event will be available soon..


We will give more details about it tomorrow on this news.

TBF / ARYA 26/May/2016
When is the next one ?
diesefonia 22/Apr/2016
very nice.




Lottery edition #3 has started!

Start date: 14 May
End date: 28 May, 11:31 AM
Number of winners: 3
Subscription fee 50 voting points

1st place:

- Tier 1 Set (depending on the class you have entered the lottery with, for exemple if you go with rogue you get rogue t1 set if you go with druid you get druid t1 set and so on)
- Mount - Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake
- Emblem of Frost - 80 pieces
- Emblem of Triumph - 60 pieces
- 8000 gold


2nd place:

- Mount - Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake
- Emblem of Frost - 60 pieces
- Emblem of Triumph - 45 pieces
- 6000 gold


3rd place:

- Emblem of Frost - 40 pieces
- Emblem of Triumph - 25 pieces
- 4000 gold

Click here to subscribe your character

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Server Updates/Changes 10.05.2016

Server Updates/Changes 10.05.2016

[World] CrossFaction script is finished .

[World] CrossFaction whisper bug has been fixed .

[World] Sindragosa Ice Tomb bug has been fixed .

[World] Alterac Valley & Isle Of Conquest have been disabled for now.

[World] Resurrection Sickness duration has been fixed .

[World] Time-Lost Proto Drake spawn time has been fixed .


Upcoming Updates 

[World] Trial of the champion will be scripted .


If you have problems related to these changes please report them on forum .






Server Updates/Changes 05.05.2016

Server Updates/Changes 05.05.2016

[World] Bonus Npc Giver Shaman PVE Weapons fixed .

[World] Missing Npc Maiden of Drakmar has been added.

[World] Pathfinding has been fixed.

[World] Double XP in weekend ( Friday Saturday and Sunday )

[World] Transmogrification npc. ( Will take 100 gold for each Transmogrification )

[World] Honor rates has been changed to 2 x .

[Warrior] Disarm Bladestorm has been fixed.

[WebSite] Recruit a friend system has been fixed ( Now script allows you to choose the character for your x-53 mount)

[World] Global Channel [ join and leave message has been deleted ]  (because it makes too much spam)

[World] Global Channel [requires at least level 40 in order to write in it ]

[World] Whisper [ requires at least level 15 in order to send a whisper ]


If you have problems related to these changes please report them on forum .




Lottery edition #2 has end!

Start date: 27 April
End date: 04 May, 10:25 PM
Lottery Fee : 20 Vote Points
Number of winners: 5

 Big Love Rocket

 5000 GOLD

 35000 HONOR



 Winners :

1) Kiara

2) Piroloco

3) Ridyck

4) Sleezer

5) Niter


The winnners will get there prices instantly in the game in there mailbox and the vote point will be updated instantly on the website.