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MMORPG4ALL is recruiting developers Posted by Hitman
Hello MMORPG4ALL community.
We're now recruiting programmers experienced in C++ and/or SQL. Don't worry if you don't know exactly what to do, our main developer or other Staff members will help you! It's required that you know C++ and/or SQL, so don't apply if you don't know or aren't familiar with those languages!

To apply, please visit our forum.
Felwhisper release date announcement! Posted by Hitman
Update: Felwhisper is now LIVE!

Today, we've reached a decision concerning our server's release date.
We'll launch it tomorrow, 10th April, between 15:00-19:00 GMT. We're not 100% sure of the time because some unexpected things might happen, hence the long hour gap.
Once the server is released, you'll be able to login with your new Felwhisper account(s) and be able to transfer your Lothar's Rest characters to your Felwhisper account(s).
Please, read more about character transfers and faction/race/gender changes here.

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Welcome to the new MMORPG4ALL! Posted by Hitman
Welcome to the new MMORPG4ALL!
We've been working on a new project for the last few weeks, and despite our inactivity during 2014, we've reunited to bring you something nostalgic and wonderful.
This is the result of a more dedicated and active Staff, therefore, our goal is to bring you the best game experience possible and to create the best community MMORPG4ALL has ever seen.

Although the website and forum are now fully released, the game server will only be released once we finish working on a web transfer tool.

Please read the announcement we've made on the forum before asking any questions!
P.S. You should create a new account now.
After you register, you can log into the forum with your game account.

Should you find any website or forum glitch, report it here or on IRC as soon as possible, thanks!

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Game Version: TBC 2.4.3
Download Client: MEGA    uTorrent

Felwhisper - Online
1. Login with your Felwhisper account.
2. Open the transfer page link.
3. Enter your Lothar's Rest account details.
4. Select the character you want to transfer.
Note: You won't be able to transfer any more characters, only 1 per LR account!
5. Click on the transfer button and you're done!
1. Create an account here.
2. Change your realmlist to
set realmlist
3. Run Wow.exe and enjoy your stay on MMORPG4ALL!